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The Whittling Boy - Nauvoo Legion Militia

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The Whittling Boy - Nauvoo Legion Militia

Whittling Boy Winslow Homer Nauvoo Mercantile LDS Art
Whittling Boy Winslow Homer Nauvoo Mercantile LDS Art

The Whittling Boy - Nauvoo Legion Militia

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“The Whittling Boy” - by Winslow Homer - During the time the early Saints were in Nauvoo, they organized the young men & even children to “stand guard” in town as the threat of mob violence increased. The boys were instructed to whittle sticks of wood around other groups of men & listen for threats of violence. They were also instructed to whistle as a way of alerting the adults.. and to whistle when they saw or were near any strangers who may not have the best intentions. There are many fun stories about this army of soldiers.. plan your next FHE or lesson around these strong examples of faith and courage.

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