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Find LDS art, LDS Temple art, Nauvoo gifts and more. Looking for an LDS Nauvoo related gift? Find it at Temple House Gallery

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About Nauvoo Mercantile LDS Art & Gifts

Nauvoo Mercantile is an LDS Temple House Art Gallery in Nauvoo featuring LDS Temple Art, Historic Mormon art, selection LDS Art from LDS Artists Robert Boyd, James Christensen, Greg Olsen, J. Kirk Richards, swindle Deseret Book Art, del parsons


This site features a treasured collection of Nauvoo gifts, art, food and crafts inspired from nearly 175 years of Nauvoo history.This remarkable collection is a culmination of efforts from those who live and work in beautiful Nauvoo. Each purchase made on this site directly benefits the families of Nauvoo in various, meaningful ways.

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Phone 1(800)860-1215


MADE IN NAUVOO PRODUCTS  - Many of the products on this site are made right in Nauvoo by people who live here and raise their families here. They are made right in the Nauvoo Village shops or in the homes of Nauvoo families. 

LOCAL ARTWORK and ARTISTS  - Most of the fine art, folk art, and other artwork is not only created, printed and framed right here in Nauvoo, but the artwork itself is often done by those who live here or have come to Nauvoo to paint or photograph.

LOCAL JOBS AND BENEFITS  – Many in Nauvoo feel the effects of the economy in an especially direct way - there are fewer opportunities in our small town.  This site and the local Nauvoo shops, galleries, craftsmen, artists, and townspeople who make and sell these products support their families through beautiful hard work.  Those who staff the local stores work side by side with those who staff the website, adding more products, shipping boxes, stocking shelves, and successfully running a growing local business that adds to the economy of little Nauvoo.

In addition to helping families in Nauvoo find ways to work hard to support their families, purchases from this site also brings meaningful benefits to all of Nauvoo.  A portion of each sale is directly given to the following funds that help where we need it most:

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This great fund helps Nauvoo children by providing the Nauvoo Public Library with more books, updated computers, and basic supplies needed for a rich library experience. The library needs the tools that fast-learning children require to keep up. This wonderful fund helps the Nauvoo Library meet the high demands of Nauvoo's smarty-pants kids!!


This fund helps Nauvoo children that come from less-privileged families by helping with back to school essentials each year. Kids are provided with a new back pack FULL of everything they need - from pencils and pens to calculators and binders. When funds allow, Nauvoo teachers are helped as well. There are plenty of gaps that can be filled and this fund helps that happen. 

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This fund helps hard-working Nauvoo merchants and citizens keep the Historic Downtown District of Nauvoo beautiful and attractive by adding thousands of flowers, plants, and event banners that draw visitors from all over Illinois. The fund also assists in maintaining those plants all season so Nauvoo is welcoming and lovely to all who visit throughout the year. 

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This fund helps Nauvoo citizens find better employment and training right in Nauvoo. Instead of moving away to look for jobs that match their skills, families can stay right in Nauvoo by working in conjunction with area companies who need specific skills and expertise.  Studies show that skills training can benefit an entire community by providing training for local workers while others eventually move in search of jobs - Train to stay, not move to look.

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