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Nauvoo Temple Angel - Historical Print

Latter-day Saint Historic Art | Images of the pioneer, handcart paintings

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Nauvoo Temple Angel - Historical Print

Nauvoo Temple Angel - LDS Art
Nauvoo Temple Angel - LDS Art

Nauvoo Temple Angel - Historical Print

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THE FIRST ANGEL, placed on the original Nauvoo Temple in 1846,  was a 3-dimensional weather vane in the form of a male figure made of tin and gilded in gold. 
It was fashioned in the likeness of a man, holding a book raised in one hand a trumpet in the other hand, wearing robes and a cap and laying horizontal as if flying.
It is printed on heavy stock acid free art paper sized 11" X 14" and 18"x24" (fits in standard frame)
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As most of the Saints left Nauvoo under the threat of violence in early February 1846, a special crew stayed behind and completed the temple.  Three months later the building was completed and was publicly dedicated on May 1, 1846.  Thousands of people witnessed the dedication, which took place over a 3-day period.  Visitors paid a $1 admission fee and those funds were used to help workmen move their families West.

While there have been stories and rumors as to the fate of this angel, none of them have been proven to this date.

One particularly prevalent rumor claims that the Nauvoo Angel had been purchased by and installed on the Salem Evangelical Reformed Church in Cincinnati Ohio in 1867. This congregation, also believing they had purchased the Nauvoo Angel, turned it over to Nauvoo Restoration Inc. in 1968 after it was blown off and damaged by a storm. A complete investigation concluded it was not the Nauvoo Angel Weather Vane due to it having been more cherubic in it’s features, having wings, and not holding a book.

The most likely fate that is now supported by historians is that while the angel had initially been removed from the temple after the Saints were driven from Nauvoo, it was soon after returned. Eyewitness accounts place it on the temple shortly before it burned, and it is believed it was destroyed by the same fire that destroyed the temple in 1848.

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