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Nauvoo Legion Last Address - Speech

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Nauvoo Legion Last Address - Speech

Nauvoo Legion Last Address, LDS Art
Nauvoo Legion Last Address, LDS Art

Nauvoo Legion Last Address - Speech

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On June 23rd, 1844 just four days before he was killed Joseph Smith delivered his last public address. On a temporary platform just south of the Mansion House he told the gathered Saints and Nauvoo Legion that they would gather into the vastness of the Rocky Mountains and establish the headquarters of the Church. He then spoke of his own fate. This piece is printed on high quality Acid Free Art Paper.

SIZE: 11 X 14 or 16 X 20

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ADDRESS GIVEN BY JOSEPH SMITH: I wish to render you my thanks as soldiers under my command as your General. You have done faithfully your duty in guarding this beautiful city, and in preserving the lives of all the people as well as mine in a special manner. I have seen you on duty without shoes or comfortable clothing and if I had the means to buy, or if I could obtain those necessary things for you I would gladly do it. However, I cannot mortgage any of my property to get even one dollar. But I will say this: You will forever be named the Nauvoo Legion and I have had the honor of being your General. You shall be called the first Elders of the Church and your mission will be to the nations of the earth. You will gather many people into the vastness of the Rocky Mountains, which will be the center for the gathering of our people, and you will be faithful because you have been true. There will be many that come in under your ministry, but because of their much learning they will seek for high positions and seek to raise themselves in eminence above you. But you soldiers of the Nauvoo Legion will walk in low places unnoticed, and you will know all that transpires in their midst. And those that are your friends will be my friend and this I will promise to you my brethren of the Legion, that I will come again to lead you forth. But now I will go to prepare a place for you so that where I am you shall be with me. I thank you for your service and duty done. You are now dismissed to take care of your wives, children, and homes. 

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