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Blacksmith Horseshoe Prairie Diamond Ring

Nauvoo Blacksmith & Tin Shop

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Blacksmith Horseshoe Prairie Diamond Ring

Prairie Diamond Ring, LDS jewelry, Nauvoo
Prairie Diamond Ring, LDS jewelry, Nauvoo

Blacksmith Horseshoe Prairie Diamond Ring

from 6.95

This hand forged iron horseshoe ring known as a - "Prairie Diamond" - is a fun collectible from Nauvoo. Pioneers made their own horseshoe rings by using iron, steel and fire. They would heat up the horseshoe nail and then bend with a hammer until it was perfect. The horseshoe nail was used to hold the shoes to the hooves of a horse.

BULK DISCOUNT  We often get requests for large numbers of these rings for youth and other Church activities.  Bulk pricing is as follows and may be chosen above as a bulk option:

1   -ring = $6.95 each

10 -pack = $4.95 each

20 -pack = $3.95 each

40 -pack = $3.25 each

PRAIRIE DIAMOND STORY:  While crossing the plains to SLC . . . there were very little luxuries along the way.  There’s a story of a young couple who wanted to get married but her father hope to dissuade the young man by insisting he first provide her with a diamond ring.  While thinking of ways to get the ring to marry the girl he stumbled upon a horseshoe nail with a head shaped like a diamond.  He took it to the blacksmith and had him bend it into a ring.  The father was very impressed with the young man’s resolve and they were soon married.  He promised his bride that when he could he would replace the ring.  But each time over the years when he offered to get her a better ring she refused and said she loved her “prairie diamond.” 

The Nauvoo Blacksmith shop makes beautiful horseshoe nail rings for families that visit the shop - one per family.  These rings are made in Nauvoo from iron and are a wonderful keepsake reminding youngsters of the days of old Nauvoo.

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