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Proclaim Peace - Salt Lake Temple

Latter-day Temple Art -Canvas

We offer large selection of LDS Temple art and a complete selection of fine Mormon art temple photography in framed photos, canvas wraps, and photo prints with other Temple art categories

Proclaim Peace - Salt Lake Temple

Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint
Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint
Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint
Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint
Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint
Mormon salt lake temple art, LDS Art, Mormon Art, Latter Day Saint

Proclaim Peace - Salt Lake Temple

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This beautiful painting of the angel Moroni atop the Salt Lake Temple shows the declaration of the Gospel to the world. "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth" Paintings of the Salt Lake Temple are lovely reminders of the sacrifice and hard work of the early saints. This work of art is signed by the artist.  This piece is printed on high quality Museum Giclee Canvas

FRAMING IS EASY - This art is offered unframed.  Most of our art is made for standard sized frames so you won't need to get an expensive custom frame. Simply take this artwork to any Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or your local frame shop.  They always have great sales on frames and a lot of great choices.

PLEASE SUPPORT NAUVOO: The item above and many other beautiful works found on this site create much-needed jobs for families living in Nauvoo. Please see our “MADE IN NAUVOO” page for more details CLICK HERE

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Salt Lake City Temple

One of the most enduring symbols of the dedication, hard work, and sacrifices made by the early Latter-day Saints is the Salt Lake Temple. It is the centerpiece of Utah's busy and bustling capitol, but the forty-year period of its construction witnessed the development of Utah as a state. 

The Salt Lake Temple is oriented towards Jerusalem; Its location marked by  Brigham Young on July 28, 1847, just four days after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley.  The temple site was dedicated on February 14, 1853 by Heber C. Kimball. Brigham Young laid the cornerstone on April 6 of that same year. 

The architect Truman O. Angell originally planned to use sandstone for the foundation. However, during the Utah War, the saints buried the foundation and the Temple square lot was made to look like a plowed field. After the war, the hard work on the temple resumed.  When they dug up the dirt they discovered that many of the foundation stones had cracked.  The sandstone blocks were replaced.  Today the Salt Lake Temple is constructed of granite.

Wilford Woodruff dedicated the temple on April 6, 1893, exactly forty years after the cornerstone was laid.


On August 16th, 2018 President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement regarding the name of the Church.

“The Lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name He has revealed for His Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have work before us to bring ourselves in harmony with His will. “

The Church has since released guidelines stating the use of Mormon or LDS as a substitute for the name of the the church should be avoided, but such use in proper names such as - The Book of Mormon or when used as an adjective in historical expressions such as - The Mormon Trail - Mormon Battalion, should be considered as the correct use.

The Nauvoo Gallery has been working to put our website and our gallery store in Nauvoo, Illinois in harmony with this important revelation. It’s been customary for websites like ours to use terms like LDS Art, LDS Temple Art, LDS pictures or Mormon Art when describing our products for Google and other search engines. Our intention has been to help people find what has been termed as LDS products & LDS Gifts. It took many many months to build and add products to this website using those relevant and popular search terms - please bear with us as it may take a few months still to find each instance where we can better be in harmony with President Nelson’s message. Thank you for your patience and your kindness during this process