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Big Sky of Nauvoo

Big Sky of Nauvoo, Nauvoo Art LDS Mormon
Big Sky of Nauvoo, Nauvoo Art LDS Mormon

Big Sky of Nauvoo

from 20.00

By Sarah Richards

This wonderful work of art shows the glorious white Temple against the big sky on Nauvoo.  This is a beautiful piece of LDS art.  As you visit the grounds of the Nauvoo Temple today, consider what the temple meant to the early residents of Nauvoo. The original temple was built with much sacrifice and hard work but was later destroyed. The current temple, which was built to resemble the original, was dedicated in 2002. 

This art is beautifully reproduced on  acid-free enhanced archival matte paper.  

FRAMING IS EASY - This art is offered unframed.  Most of our art is made for standard sized frames so you won't need to get an expensive custom frame. Simply take this artwork to any Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or your local frame shop.  They always have great sales on frames and a lot of great choices.

 PLEASE SUPPORT NAUVOO: The item above and many other beautiful works found on this site create much-needed jobs for families living in Nauvoo. Please see our “MADE IN NAUVOO” page for more details CLICK HERE

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“The Lord has impressed upon my mind the importance of the name He has revealed for His Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have work before us to bring ourselves in harmony with His will. “

The Nauvoo Gallery has been working to put our website and our Nauvoo store in harmony with this important revelation. It has been customary for websites like ours to use terms like LDS Art, LDS Temple Art or Mormon Art when describing our products for Google and other search engines. Our intention has always been to help people find our “ LDS products & LDS Gifts” It took many many months to build and add products to this website using relevant and popular search terms - and it may take a few months still to find each instance where we can better be in harmony with President Nelson’s message. Please bare with us as we too have work to do in order to be in harmony with the teachings of our prophet and remove, rename, and recreate descriptions that don’t don’t include LDS and Mormon in their descriptions. We are spending evenings and weekends searching for these terms and finding ways to use the revealed name of the Church where appropriate. Thank you for patience and your kindness towards during this process.

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