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Find LDS art, LDS Temple art, Nauvoo gifts and more. Looking for an LDS Nauvoo related gift? Find it at Temple House Gallery

Nauvoo Hotels and The Nauvoo Temple Dedications and Hotels in Nauvoo.

Nauvoo News for Latter-day Saints

Nauvoo News & Events features stories shared from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world.  This includes official Church news releases and contributed articles by Latter-day Saint authors - as well as events & stories from YOU.

Nauvoo Hotels and The Nauvoo Temple Dedications and Hotels in Nauvoo.

Nauvoo News

The Nauvoo Radio Feed is designed specifically for journalists covering the historic open house and dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple from 30 April to 27 June 2002. For the first time ever, radio resources will be produced and published on location with advisories being sent to radio stations to provide journalists with timely information. These resources will include ANRs, sound bites, natural sound and live interviews on request. The "Extra" box to the right will have a regularly updated list of radio resources.

For more information or to schedule live interviews with Church officials and other guests, contact Church Public Affairs at 801-240-4402 

The Nauvoo Temple was first built in 1840s and is being rebuilt in the same palace where the original Nauvoo Temple once stood. The LDS temple art and other artwork for this story is available from the Nauvoo Art Gallery and Nauvoo Mercantile at 1200 Mulholland, Nauvoo Illinois.

Please see Press and News accommodation discounts for members of the news corp staying in Nauvoo, Illinois and needing a hotel in Nauvoo. Please choose among hotels in Nauvoo.

The Woodruff Hotel in Nauvoo features 21 beautiful guest rooms and suites, each with lovely furnishings & decor to enhance your visit to Nauvoo.  We are pleased to provide beautiful rooms with walkout balconies offering stunning views of the Nauvoo Temple and Mississippi River.  From classic couples rooms to large five-bedroom Nauvoo family suites,  the Woodruff is ideal for any family wishing to stay together in Nauvoo.  Whether you're visiting for a Nauvoo family reunion, a Nauvoo wedding, or just great family Nauvoo vacations, you'll love the Woodruff Hotel. 

We encourage you to make the most of your experience by staying right in historic Nauvoo hotels and motels.  The various Hotels in Nauvoo hotels & merchants strive to provide friendly service and deeply appreciate your business . . .  besides, you'll love being here for the late-night walks and the historic atmosphere that can only come from a stay right in beautiful Nauvoo.  We're certain you'll enjoy Nauvoo hotels and motels and any Nauvoo Illinois lodging.