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History of the Nauvoo Mercantile and Gallery 

This is a photo of the Temple House Building in Nauvoo Illinois where the LDS Art Gallery is located.


The Nauvoo Gallery is located in the old Temple House Building in the Downtown Historic District of Nauvoo, Illinois. Recognized in the National Registry of Historic Places, the Temple House is among the city's early historic landmarks.  The beginnings of the Temple House can be seen in this 1847 photo of the original Nauvoo Temple. (picture at lower right) The building's name comes from its unique round-topped gothic windows, which were seen on the clock tower of the original Nauvoo Temple. These original windows are still in the Gallery today.  This is a photo of the original Nauvoo Temple. The LDS Art Gallery can be seen to the far right of the Photo.

The Mercantile building was rebuilt in 2006 by Matt & Dena Kennedy, founders & owners of LDS Living Magazine, along with several business partners.  Modeled after the historic Heber C. Kimball home in Nauvoo, the Mercantile has become a mainstay of Nauvoo's business district.  After selling LDS Living Magazine in 2009, the Kennedy's moved to Nauvoo to give the Mercantile and Gallery their full time attention.  The Mercantile offers a really fun & unique line of products that are reminiscent of Nauvoo's history and the pioneer era.  We were proud to be included in the Smithsonian Institutions Journey Stories traveling museum exhibit in Nauvoo during the Fall of 2012.

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The Woodruff Hotel occupys rooms in both the historic Temple House building and the Mercantile building.  Our hotel rooms are beautifully remodeled, extra clean, and within walking distance from everything there is to do in Nauvoo!

Please come to beautiful Nauvoo and visit us while you're here!  We hope you’ll find this online gallery helpful in your search for more beautiful LDS art and non-LDS art. Please contact us directly if you need any assistance or have any questions.