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Christ in His Red Robe by Minerva Teichert - Greeting Card Set

Latter-day Saint Greeting Cards and Stationary

50% OFF SALE - Beautiful greeting cards from Nauvoo for Christmas or any other occasion.

Christ in His Red Robe by Minerva Teichert - Greeting Card Set

LDS Greeting Cards Mnerva Teichert
LDS Greeting Cards Mnerva Teichert

Christ in His Red Robe by Minerva Teichert - Greeting Card Set

from 1.00

Christ in His Red Robe - This beautiful greeting card artwork depicts this classic art by beloved Latter-day Saint artist Minerva Teichert..  These crafted folded cards with envelopes are printed, packaged and will be shipped to you from Nauvoo. You’ll LOVE these cards !!

The cards are 5.5" X 4” and come with envelopes.

Choose from two sets:  4 pack or 8 pack

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PLEASE SUPPORT NAUVOO: The item above and many other beautiful works found on this site create much-needed jobs for families living in Nauvoo. Please see our “MADE IN NAUVOO” page for more details CLICK HERE

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A little more about Minerva Teichert Art

Minerva Teichert art is beloved around the world.  She created a wide range of art from paintings around Latter-day Saint history to rodeos and American Indians.  Minerva Teichert art expresses a unique style with vibrant colors.  

Minerva Teichert enrolled at the Chicago Art Institute in 1909 and studied under John Vanderpoel, the leading figure artist and teacher in America.  In 1915 she enrolled at the Art Student’s League in New York City - which at the time was the premier art training center in the United States.  While there, she studied under the famed American artist Robert Henri, who asked her if any artist had told the “great Mormon story”.  Minerva replied, “Not to suit me!”   He replied saying, “Good heavens girl, what a chance!”

Teichert created a broader, more inclusive range of art - one that she felt celebrated the heroics of both the pioneer men and women.  Having grown up with her grandmothers who each had crossed the plains, she felt strongly about telling the stories of the women who played a central role in both crossing the plains and establishing the new settlement of the Salt Lake Valley.

The Mormon pioneer women were the first women in the country to exercise the right to vote for city, county, and territorial officers, they served as jurors, were mayors and state legislators, managed livestock companies, ranches, and farms, were midwives and doctors, founded and published the first magazine for women in the West, operated telegraph offices, ran businesses, and managed family households and farms.  The Mormon women Teichert knew were independent, enjoyed a strong sense of personal & community identity, and valued their role as mothers while supplementing that role with their business pursuits.  They were able and capable, leaving many visitors to remark that they were “incredible”.

The Nauvoo Art Gallery is proud to carry Minerva Teichert art.

(Source:  “Telling Stories Through Brushstrokes:  Minerva Teichert’s Visualization of the Mormon Pioneer Experience and Messages to Her Audience”.)

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