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Aged Green Post Box

Home & Decor

Find a large selection of Nauvoo Illinois LDS home decor and mormon history decorations and wall art including zions mercantile and desetet

Aged Green Post Box

Green Post Box, Old Nauvoo Home Mormon Pioneer
Green Post Box, Old Nauvoo Home Mormon Pioneer

Aged Green Post Box


Our Aged Green Post Box is a flash back to simpler times when the mailman would come to your door to drop off the mail. It's made of distressed green metal and embossed with vintage graphics and the word "Post." A hinged flap at the top has a slot to drop the mail through. Measures 14" H x 10" W.


PLEASE SUPPORT NAUVOO: The item above and many other beautiful works found on this site create much-needed jobs for families living in Nauvoo. Please see our “MADE IN NAUVOO” page for more details CLICK HERE

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