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Friendship Window Candle Holder

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Friendship Window Candle Holder

friendship window candle holder.png
friendship window candle holder.png

Friendship Window Candle Holder


If you've been to beautiful historic Nauvoo, then you've certainly heard the story about this fun window candle holder.  The early Saints in Nauvoo would light a candle in their window if they wanted friends to come over and visit.  You could say it was the first form of social media!  Our friendship window candle holder is made in the same old fashioned style from the 1840's.  The unique half-circle tin candle pan has a flat back and a fluted edge on the inside of the window. It has a charcoal finish with a tab on the back to hold it securely against the window sash. It measures 1" high by 4-1/2" wide and is 3" in diameter.  (candle is included)

Be sure to grab a candle from our store (battery operated or real wax).  Or, this candle holder fits any standard sized candle you may find at your local grocery story or hobby shop.

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