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Find LDS art, LDS Temple art, Nauvoo gifts and more. Looking for an LDS Nauvoo related gift? Find it at Temple House Gallery

Brass Finger Cymbals

Mormon Pioneer Trek Clothing & Toys

Find pioneer trek clothing and Nauvoo pageant clothes for traveling to Nauvoo this summer. LDS Pioneer Trek is a wonderful experience for LDS Youth and their families.

Brass Finger Cymbals

Brass Finger Cymbals, nauvoo Pioneer toys
Brass Finger Cymbals, nauvoo Pioneer toys

Brass Finger Cymbals


Our brass finger cymbals are popular with adults and kids alike.  Finger cymbals have been used to accompany and accentuate music for hundreds of years.  Pioneers and early American settlers used them in nearly every band and musical performance.... these are a great little musical instrument to carry around!

2" diameter

sold as a set of 2 pcs


PLEASE SUPPORT NAUVOO: The item above and many other beautiful works found on this site create much-needed jobs for families living in Nauvoo. Please see our “MADE IN NAUVOO” page for more details CLICK HERE

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