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Panoramic Nauvoo River Scene

Mormon Historic Framed Art | Images of the pioneer, handcart paintings

Mormon Historic art includes LDS Temple Art and utah history Gallery Nauvoo selection LDS Art. LDS Artists  James Christensen, Greg Olsen, J. Kirk Richards, del parson Deseret Book Art

Panoramic Nauvoo River Scene

Mississippi River, Navuoo Mercantile LDS Art
Mississippi River, Navuoo Mercantile LDS Art

Panoramic Nauvoo River Scene


"PANORAMIC NAUVOO RIVER SCENE" - The Mississippi River is one of the great rivers of the world.  Steamboats placed a major role in the 19th Century development of the American West as they transported people wishing to migrate West along with much needed supplies to establish new territories.  This beautiful historic painting remembers that time long ago. 

OFFERED UNFRAMED ONLY - printed on archival matte paper



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