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Nauvoo News & Events features stories shared from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world.  This includes official Church news releases and contributed articles by Latter-day Saint authors - as well as events & stories from YOU.

President Russell M. Nelson: 'We Can Do Better and Be Better'

Dena Kennedy

President Russell M. Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaks during the priesthood session of the 189th Annual General Conference on April 6, 2019


“When Jesus asks you and me to 'repent,' He is inviting us to change our mind, our knowledge, our spirit — even the way we breathe. He is asking us to change the way we love, think, serve, spend our time, treat our wives, teach our children and even care for our bodies.”

Daily repentance is the pathway to purity, and personal purity can make one a powerful tool in God’s hands.

“Whether you are diligently moving along the covenant path, have slipped or stepped from the covenant path or can’t even see the path from where you are now, I plead with you to repent. Experience the strengthening power of daily repentance — of doing and being a little better each day.”

Brethren are to prayerfully seek and understand what stands in the way of their repentance. “Identify what stops you from repenting. And then change! Repent! All of us can do better and be better than ever before.”

The Lord needs men who put others’ welfare ahead of their own, who clearly hear the voice of the Spirit, who are sexually pure, who are eager to repent and who have a zeal to serve.

“I bless you to become those men. I bless you with the courage to repent daily and learn how to exercise full priesthood power. I bless you to communicate the love of the Savior to your wife and children and to all who know you. I bless you to do better and to be better. And I bless you that as you make these efforts, you will experience miracles in your life.”